DIY Projects for your Children

The world of a child is so steeped in magic and imagination that anything can become a house or a sword or a hat.  This makes it so easy for us a parents to keep them entertained. 

Simple DIY projects that I do for them bring them so much joy.  You can make something spectacular yourself, and your children will love it all the more!

Here are some ideas that I love.

Play Kitchen:  I made mine last year out of an old dresser.  I have seen them done from nightstands, entertainment centers and just plain built from scratch.  People are so creative!

Lounge Mat- How great would these be for sleep overs, movie nights or for taking to preschool for nap?  I need to make one!  You can find the directions HERE.


Marshmallow Shooter- Boys love to shoot things… you can’t stop it.  How about marshmallows? You can make these for less than a dollar.  Go HERE for simple directions.

Tent- This one would be really simple and inexpensive to make.  Imagine crawling in here to read a story.  I love it.  Find the plans HERE.

Market- How cute is this home made “store”?  My boys would have a ball selling produce!  Find the Details HERE.

Giant JENGA-  Oh my goodness.  How fun is this?  Complete Instructions for this project are HERE.

Felt Food- My little boys love to play chef and create meals for us to eat.  I know little girls would love it too.  These are much cuter than the plastic food items you find in the store.  There are a million tutorials out there to make felt food.  HERE is one.

Play house- This version is inexpensive, unobtrusive and indoors!  I love this idea.  Kids love to play under tables.  Find directions to make it HERE.

Water Wall-  I may have to make one of these this summer.  Hours of fun would be had!  Directions can be found HERE.


Loft- How cute is this castle loft!  This could take pretend play to another level!  Found HERE.

There are some ideas.  Now go create something!

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DIY Projects for your Children — 1 Comment

  1. I love some of these ideas. The giant jenga is really fun. I also love what you said….”Boys love to shoot things… you can’t stop it. ” So funny and true.

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