Green Food for Saint Patrick’s Day

Need some ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Here are some fun green food ideas to try.

How about a homemade Shamrock Shake.  This recipe is from The Brown Eyed Baker, go find the recipe and make one for your family.

 How about these adorable rainbow cookies served with green milk from Munchkin Munchies?  So darling.

This Apple Mint Schorle from Raw Food Recipes looks refreshing and tasty! Not to mention healty.

I love how amazing these Shamrock Shake Cupcakes look.  I may have to make these for my little leprechans.  Find the recipe at Craft Goodies.



If you are looking for a challenge, try green tinted French Macarons that I made last spring.  It was such a fun process.

I hope this gave you some fun ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day with food. 


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Green Food for Saint Patrick’s Day — 1 Comment

  1. I need to try your macaroon recipe! They looked so delish! BTW, LOVE the Brown Eyed Baker. I have no doubt that your family’s gonna be glad it’s St.Patty’s day in your house! Thanks for the links!

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