Going to Telluride Treats

This weekend is the Blues and Brews Festival in Telluride.  I have been every year for the past 13 years.  It is such a fabulous time! 

This year we decided to forgo the Festival due to the fact that we have a little one and a six year old and probably would not have fun worrying about the weather, thier where abouts, if they are hungry, too cold, too hot, bored, etc etc.  Ussually we get a sitter for the weekend as this is in my opinion an adult outing.  Alas, not this year.  So we will just go for one evening to hang out with our people and maybe do some window shopping in Telluride. 

A group of our people, the people we ussually go with, My parents, Paul’s parents, and a few good family friends have rented a fabulous condo and we have decided to crash for one night just to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere!

Yay!  I loooooove Telluride.  It is a beautiful town.

Don’t you think?

I am busy coming up with yummy treats to bring to share with everyone there. 

I stumbled upon this recipe on My Computer is My Canvas Blog and I think I will make these to share with our fellow Festival people. 

Who doesn’t love to eat cookie dough, and dipped in chocolate???  Yes, please!  Not the healthiest choice, but I will only have one.  Hehe.

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