Things on Thursday: Kids Thanksgiving Tables

This year I don’t have to host Thanksgiving, but I still love the holiday.  It is one of my favorites.  I love that is helps people  remember to be Thankful for what they have.  I love that it brings family together.  I love the food!  Mmmm…. I only eat mashed potatoes once a year and Thanksgiving is that wonderful day!

I thought today I would share some really cute activity and kids table ideas.


All the decor on this next table is done with paper products.  How simple is that?  I love the pilgrim hat to hold the crayons.


Cover the table with paper and draw on the placemats!  How simple and yet very stylish.


This one is my very favorite of the kids table bunch!  Simple, easy and cute!  I love the acorns hanging from the branch.


Help your little ones remember to be thankful by staging a cute thankfulness craft.

This one is with turkey feathers.


I adore this one made with cut out handprints to create a thankful tree.


When I saw these rolls with things to be thankful for rolled up into them, I immediately thought of my boys eating these and finding a note.  They would think that was sooo cool.


One more thing I thought I would share.

Teach your kids to be thankful for the lives they have.

I saw this quote and it really spoke to me.  I want my boys to be thankful for everything they have so when they are young men in this world they can understand what is important and live happy lives.

 If you don’t learn the language of gratitude, you will never be on speaking terms with happiness.


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Things on Thursday: Kids Thanksgiving Tables — 3 Comments

  1. I love all of these ideas, especially the gratitude rolls and the paper tablecloth that kids could write on.

  2. Bring on the yams and pumpkin pie!!! Yummm, I can’t wait!
    These are very clever tables. I really like the second and third ones. I love the turkey leg name place setting…how cute is that? The Pilgrim’s hat is adorable as well.
    We will be making gratitude rolls as well.:) Thanks, Leah!

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