Boston/Cape Cod Trip Day 4

Since we were there as part of Ezra’s birthday my grandparents wanted to give him a special experience.  They arranged for us to go out on a kayak lesson.

 kayak tours cape cod

We headed down this marsh inlet which is brackish water, meaning it is fresh water mixed with salt water.

kayak cape cod

When we went out it was low tide so we were able to see the marsh walls and all the crabs and life that had crawled in while the water was high.  I didn’t get pictures during the tour for obvious reasons, but it was a beautiful scene.

kayak tour cape cod

By the time we paddled out of the marsh it was high tide and the water was to the top of the marsh.  It was a completely different scenery.

On our lesson we not only learned how to use the kayak and paddle correctly but we learned so much about the wildlife and birds of the area.  It was fascinating!

The company that we used was Ride Away Kayak tours.  They were very knowledgable!



Boston/Cape Cod Trip Day 3

For our third day we took the ferry to Nantucket.


I had never been to Nantucket and I fell in love.

The streets are cobblestone, the shops (although expensive) are quaint and full of interesting and beautiful finds.  It was a lovely day meandering the streets.


Ezra had the largest hot dog I had ever seen.

hot dog

My father and Ezra hopped on some rented bikes and biked some of the trails that go around the island.  They were so tired.  They rode for a long time and then were able to hop on a bus with a bike rack on the back to get back to town…how handy is that?

nantucket biking

We were so sad to say goodbye to Nantucket after just one day.  I think I could spend a week exploring the island and eating at the cafes and finding amazing beaches.

nantucket day




Boston/ Cape Cod Trip Day 2

On the second day of our trip we zipped over to a little eatery just a block from my Uncles house in Cambridge called Sofra (You might remember it from our last trip).  This place has the best food.  If you are ever in the Cambridge area, you have to check it out…amazing!

sofra cambridge

This is where I first had Beet Tzatziki.  I was so excited to go have some more!  (You probably remember this recipe I made for it.  It is a pretty good match!)

beet tzatziki

Then we headed to the Cape.

Cape Cod Bridge

We stopped for lunch at the Pilot House and a bit of fishing on the canal.  (by the way this place had the best chowder I have ever had)

Pilot house Cape Cod

fishing the canal

ezra on cape canal

We then headed to my grandparents house.  Isn’t it lovely.

Cape cod home

My dad and Ezra fished the pond for a bit.

fishing the pond on cape cod

Then we had a great seafood dinner with all of the family.

lobster eating on cape cod

Ezra loved having lobster.  ( I think he had three this trip!)

Boston/ Cape Cod Trip: Day 1



Ezra and I just returned from a wonderful week back east with family.  I originally had intended to go with my father to visit his family and Ezra begged to come along and even said it was ALL he wanted for his birthday!

On our first day we headed to see the USS Constitution.  It was a lovely ship and hard to believe how well it has been preserved.

Uss constitution



USS Constitution




sailors quarters


After that we had a wonderful lunch at the Beat Hotel in Cambridge.  It was such a cool environment and the food was beyond fantastic.  They had some great Jazz musicians playing which offerred lovely ambiance.

Beat Hotel

We also popped into LA Burdick’s chocolate in Harvard Square for an iced hot chocolate.  This seems to be a must do every time we visit back east.  You have not experienced chocolate until you experience Burdick’s!  I brought back a bag of hot chocolate for each of our mothers for helping with Lucas while I was out of town.

LA Burdick chocolate

la burdicks chocolate boston ma

la burdicks chocolate

Our evenings events were The Blue Man Group.  I didn’t get any pictures of this because there were no cameras or phones allowed.  Ezra loved the show.  The humor was right up his alley!  I would recommend this for anyone with kids visiting the Boston area!



Check in tomorrow for more vacation goodness.


DIY Wooden Whale

I mentioned that I gave myself a challenge to do a makeover on the boy’s bathroom for as little money as possible.  I even was able to DIY some art out of wood with a little help of my dad and his tools.

diy wooden whale

I saw wooden whales that I just fell in love with like this one, this one and this one.  I just knew that they would blow my budget so I sent images to my dad asking if he could help me cut one out of wood.  Luckily, he said he had the proper tools!

I headed to Homes Depot and picked up a piece of wood for about $11!  {I was beyond excited about the price!}

Then he helped me set up and I cut the whale out of the wood.

 wooden whale

I took it home and stained it a dark walnut, but I felt it needed something more.

walnut wooden whale

I pulled out a can of ikea colored stain and hit it with some blue.

  Blue whale in bathroom

There is Mr. Whale all finished.

I added a towel hook below for the boy’s hooded towels that I made a couple years ago.  {Those towels are still going strong by the way}.

bathroom whale



Easy Bulletin Board Makeover

gray linen bulletin board diy

One of my fave blogs is The Princess and the Frog Blog.  A while back she posted a bulletin board project that had me swooning.  Tween kiddos just love to add their personality to everything and it seemed a great solution.  The problem is we already had a bulletin board for Ezra that we didn’t use anymore and I wasn’t really sure where to put it or how it would look in his room.

I decided to take her inspiration and make over our already existing bulletin board.  Here is what I did.

I gathered my supplies:  board, fabric, upholstery nails (also so liquid nails not pictured)

bulletin makeover

I covered the bulletin with the fabric and slowly went around the edges tacking the fabric down with the upholstery nails.  Then I flipped it over and liquid nailed the overhanging fabric onto the back.  I added a hanger hardware so it would hang easily and voila, an upscale looking bulletin board!

gray fabric bulletin board

Ezra loves it and it looks fantastic hanging above his dresser with his karate belt hanger.

bulletin board makeover

Here is a quick before an after of the area.  I think it looks a lot better with his bulletin board.


bulletin board makeover


Snow in June

This past week we have been inundated with cotton from our beautiful trees.  I can hardly believe how much cotton they produce!

cotton trees

I have been blown away by the fact that we have been “snowed on” in June.  I looked out the window and could not believe my eyes!


Glad they only do this one time per year!


Twenty Minute Birthday Party Decor for Under $20

As I told you about last week, we celebrated Lucas’ birthday at the Glenwood Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, CO.

We also wanted to have a nice family and friend dinner for him to celebrate with family.  I originally wasn’t planning on doing any big deal.  The trip to Glenwood was a pretty big deal and we didn’t think it necessary to have a big decorated party.

The day of while Lucas and I were running errands he said “I wish I could have a dinosaur party.”  Since we were already going to the craft store I figured I would at least look and see if there was anything do quickly decorate with.

When I got home that afternoon I quickly {seriously in 20 minutes} threw down some dinosaur fabric I had picked up {on sale with a coupon} and some plastic dinos {some we already had and some I picked up at the dollar store which happened to be right next door to the craft store}.  I filled mason jars with organic mango lemonade {because I liked that it brought out the orange in the tablecloth} and put in some fun striped straws.

easy dino party

I downloaded some dino cupcake toppers from Etsy, cut them out and placed them in the cupcakes.

dino cupcakes

I pulled some of my handmade bunting flags that I had hanging around out  {from this event} and hung them.

I know it is not as elaborate as some of the parties I have thrown for my kiddos in the past, but it felt festive and fun for the kids at the party.

dinosaur party


Cupcake toppers $4 download

Dinosaur fabric $3.99 at Joanne’s fabric

Plastic Dinosaurs $6 at dollar store.

Paper plates- free because I already had them.

Bunting flags- again free because I already had them.

Straws- Also free leftover from another event.  {even yet, they are very affordable and wouldn’t have been more than a couple bucks if I had to buy them.}

Total for party decor:  $14

There ya have it a fast and easy kids party for UNDER $20.  I am truly amazed!

I made the cupcakes the night before, Lucas had asked very sweetly for chocolate with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles.


I love this shot of him blowing out his candles!


Have you ever thrown an impromptu party in a short period of time?

dino party


One of our favorite places… Ouray

Our little town in nestled in a valley near so many great places.  One of our favorites {and one of mine from my childhood as well} is Ouray, Colorado.

We often take little day trips up to Ouray.  I rarely post about them because Ouray is such a normal part of our life that it seems silly.

However, we love it so much it seemed like it was time to notate it on the blog.

ouray colorado

Here are some of my favorite things to do and see in Ouray.  {Anyone thinking of traveling through Colorado MUST make sure to try to hit Ouray…for real}

The Ouray Hot Springs!  Oh how we love to go to the Ouray Hot Springs!  It is lovely winter and summer, spring and fall.  They have a great slide for the kids, different areas for temperature seekers, and a cold pool too!


Ouray Hot Springs

Mouse’s Chocolates.  We never take a trip to the Hot Springs without a stop at Mouse’s afterwards.  They have all sorts of chocolates that are handmade there every day.  My favorite are the scrap cookies that they make from all the “scrap chocolate” into yummy cookies that are always surprising to eat.

Chocolate sign


Mouses chocolates ouray colorado

Mouse's chocolates

Beaumont Hotel.  Paul brought me to the Beaumont Hotel a couple years ago {I thought I blogged about it but I guess I didn’t} for my birthday.  We stayed for the weekend, hit the Hot Springs, had massages, and wonderful meals.  It is an old restored hotel and has great history behind it.  If anyone is thinking of traveling to Ouray you must check out the Beaumont {even if it is just for a tour or for a meal}.  It is a stunning hotel.  You can find info on it HERE.

Beaumont Hotel

The Blue Pear.  This tiny little store is a jewel in this little town.  It is so fun.  It is barely larger than a closet and is jam packed with little fun trinkets and fun to look at and buy.  It is one of my favorite shops in the world.

Blue Pear

Ouray Shopping

blue pear shop


Cascade Falls.  When I was a teenager I would often drive up to Ouray with friends or even sometimes on my own to hike up to Cascade Falls and sit, or read or just be near it.  It is a short hike so we usually hit it up whenever we are in town.  It is very pretty and if you hit it right  you can feel the spray all the way down to the bridge.  {Back in the day there was not a bridge or even a sign just a little tiny path that you had to hunt for.  It is a little bittersweet that it isn’t a well kept secret spot, but still pretty.}

Cascade  Falls



cascade falls

As you can see, I usaully am wearing the WRONG hiking shoes and I still manage.  It is not a lengthy hike.

hiking shoes

Box Canyon.  I blogged about Box Canyon HERE.   We love it there.  You do have to pay to get in, but it is very impressive to view.


Baby Bathtubs trail.  There is a small hike that we enjoy with the kids that takes minimal time {so we can fit everything else into our day also}.  You can branch off into other trails from there, but we usually just have our little picnic and head back to town.  It only takes about an hour to go up and back which is convenient.  Here is a pic from last summer of us hiking.

ouray hiking

I am surprised with all the years of loving Ouray and taking our almost monthly trips there as a quick way to get out of town and get a change of scenery, that I have never blogged about it.  It really is one of the most beautiful little mountain towns I have ever been to.  Here is a lovely picture of Ouray from above, coming off of Red Mountain Pass.



I am so glad that my boys will grow up with wonderful memories of day tripping to this fun little town.


Lucas is FIVE

Last week, my baby, my littlest man, turned FIVE!

I love this little man so much. He is so full of fun and spunk.

roller coaster boy

I wanted to take this post today to notate things I just adore about Lucas at this age.

He is very willing to learn.  At any opportunity I can ask him what a word starts with or if he wants to try to spell it and he will jump right in to give it a shot!  He gobbles up information and watches everything everyone is doing around him so that he can do the same.

He is full of joy.  Most of the time he is a happy guy.  He laughs with his entire body.  It is so nice that he has reached an age where the whiny voice of a toddler has subsided and he generally has a happy and cheerful disposition.

He wants to be active.  He loves to run, jump, dance, kick and throw.  He gets so excited when he can take on a new activity {like soccer this spring}.  He is over the moon excited to begin swimming lessons again this week.  I love in this day of TV and video games that he has the desire to move his body most of the time rather than sit.

He is gentle and kind.  He loves to snuggle and loves to show his love to those close to him.  I often find myself smothered in hugs and kisses if I have to go somewhere without him.  I love that he has learned to embrace displaying affection.  I feel wonderful that we are raising a boy who is comfortable being kind and loving.

He has a great sense of humor.  We often find ourselves laughing at something he added to the conversation.  He seems to have inherited his father’s skill for comedic timing and his wit.  Thank goodness he inherited it from  him and not me!  We enjoy his quirky and funny lines so much!

I will share soon some pics of our little birthday celebration {even though we truly celebrated on our Glenwood Springs Trip}